Port Huon, Tasmania

Port Huon, Tasmania

A little under an hour out of Hobart and is worth the early morning drive for photographers as the fog sits in the valley until lunch time which is quite stunning but a little cold. I find composing a shot to include reflections can make the shot much more visually appealing which would otherwise been quite boring? Just something which might be worth considering when composing.

I’ve been on the hunt for a new bookshelf recently to house my growing photography book collection. Some stunning books by Peter Dombrovskis, Wolfgang Glowacki and more sit underneath my desk collecting dusk which should be on a bookshelf so others can appreciate them also. Anyhow I’ve been looking at designs and over at WebUrbanist designs were on the interesting side (Click) which may be of interest..

I want a job at google! This behind the scenes is quite amazing, jealous! (Click)

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