Weekly Digest – $4.3 million photo, timelapse, post processing

Time for another week in links:

Camera Size – Compare the difference in size between cameras.

Stunning timelapse of star trails in the making.

Night vision lens used by the US military.


The most powerful photos of 2011.


DIY low cost setup for making your own high speed flash trigger.

Interesting portraits of people lit by their mobile phones.

Details of strangers captured in three frames.

Using a midi controller for adjustments in Lightroom.

This fashion photography dvd looks great.

Stunning photographs captured from… Google Streetview.

The beauty of a second. Participants were asked to include footage that could only be a second long. This is the finished product. Beautiful stuff.

A glimpse into the post processing of the talented Peter Eastway.

X-Ray image of a Nikon photographer.

Using lasers to take incredible 3D macro photographs.

Rhein II by Andreas Gursky is the $4.3 million dollar photograph. Interesting.

Earth timelapse from space as captured from the NASA, ISS. Beautiful.

Rather interesting article on how Steve Jobs wanted to change the nature of photography.


You might be interested in a previous weekly digest which includes a mint tin pinhole camera, more beautiful timelapses and post processing videos.

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2 Responses to Weekly Digest – $4.3 million photo, timelapse, post processing

  1. Eloise Claire February 16, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

    Hi Alex!
    Thanks for replying to my comment! I think I also need to buy a B&W ND 110 filter before I head out again, then I’ll be all set for sunset magic. I love these Weekly Digest blog posts, its like ‘what’s news in photography’. Love it, great idea!

    • Alex February 18, 2012 at 8:10 pm #

      You’re welcome Eloise 🙂 I’ll try get some more weekly digest posts coming soon. Stay tuned.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      – Alex

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