7 Photography Gift Ideas for Her

As we enter another year, we enter another year of umming and ahhing over what present to buy our other half for Valentine’s Day (if you celebrate it), birthdays or Christmas.

I find at times, photography can be heavily geared towards the male market which makes it difficult buying things for your wife or partner (while practical do they really want some ugly black bag? Maybe) so I’ve put together this list which tries to narrow down on photography gift ideas that are more appropriate for your other half.

Things to Consider While Selecting the Gift for Her

When it comes to buying photography presents for others my best advice would be to ask first. Anyone passionate about photography may already have something in mind that they would like whether that be a lens, tripod or flash. 

If you’d prefer to keep it a surprise or they’re not too sure what they want, it might feel like an uphill task to select a present related to photography but fear not we’re so spoiled for choice with photography where there’s gift options for all budgets.

While you’re in the process of selecting a photographic gift try to understand her problems will help you as it allows you to find a solution to the problem. Maybe she doesn’t have a sound backup process in place for her photos or needs a bigger bag to carry that new lens you brought her last Christmas? Here are just a hand full of my favourite photography gift ideas for your significant other.  

  1. Fujifilm X100T 16 MP Digital Camera (Black)

The Fujifilm X100T 16MP Digital Camera comes recommended after I purchased the earlier X100 many years ago and carried it every day on my commute to and from work. It’s the perfect every day camera and while on the expensive side, is a very versatile camera that can handle itself well in all conditions, whether that be a cheeky photo at a café or a low light photo at night. Fujifilm X100T has you covered.

The Fujifilm X100T uses a APS-C 16.3MP X-Trans CMOS II Sensor with Fuji’s new EXR Processor II which allows for sharp images and great low light performance. Some points that make it a good choice:

  • The camera lets you shoot full HD videos where you get the flexibility of capturing 60, 50, 30, 25, and 24 frames per second complete with adjustment for exposure.
  • The ‘hybrid viewfinder’ helps in precise manual focusing and the ‘parallax’ feature comes to your aid when you need to strike a balance between the real time shooting range and the camera’s range extent.
  • The X-Trans CMOS II sensor in conjunction with the EXR Processor II brings down the shooting gap and the time lag of shutter to 0.5sec and 0.05 sec respectively. The Fujifilm X100T is reinforced with a ‘23mm F2 fixed focal length lens’ that not only facilitates in capturing shallow depth of field images and also in my opinion, adds a great look to the camera.
Interested in what the Fuji is capable of? Here’s a selection of some of my personal favourites captured with the Fujifilm X100!

The Fujifilm X100T 16MP digital is packed to the hilt with jaw-dropping features and with its portable nature makes it the perfect camera for your partner to get out and shoot more.

  1. Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera 

Polaroid Snap Touch Camera – This baby lets you print on the fly.

The ‘Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera with LCD Display and Zink Technology’ from Polaroid is another ideal photographic device that you can offer to your love without burning a hole in your pocket. This photographic gadget is packed with some versatile features including 3.5” LCD touch-screen, 13MP sensor, micro-SD card slot, 1080p video, and Zink Zero ink printing technique that makes clicking, printing, and sharing images real fun. The snap touch instant printer lets you instantly print out the captured shots giving you that instant print that you can pin up on the fridge later. A few notable things that she would love with the Polaroid camera –  

  • The incorporated selfie mirror comes to your aid when you need to capture selfies because let’s be honest – If you’re getting a camera that can print photos… You’re likely going to be taking the odd selfie!
  • The Snap Touch Instant Digital camera by Polaroid is Bluetooth compatible which means you can set it up with the printing app for your iOS or Android smartphone or tab. So, now you don’t need to visit a photo studio for taking printouts of snaps clicked via your smartphone as the Polaroid’s camera inbuilt instant printer does it for you. This is a big win as not only can you print photos from the Polaroid camera but you can also print photos taken on your iPhone or Android device.
  • The Snap Touch also has a compact form factor making it extremely pocket-friendly! The compactness of the equipment enables her to tuck it easily inside the trousers pockets. On the other hand, the camera’s pocket-friendliness implies that you don’t have to shell out a fortune to buy it. The Zink printer comes in handy when she wishes to take colorful printouts. The only call out is that the prints are quite small coming in at a size of 2×3 inches. She can simultaneously capture shots while the printer is operating.
  1. Nadine Travel Camera Bag with Removable Insert for Camera & Laptop

Nadine Travel Camera Bag – A touch of class to your camera bag.

Your partner might be making the most of the camera you gifted her last year however she’s looking for a premium quality handbag or shoulder-bag (for safekeeping the equipment when she’s travelling) but she’s yet to find one. Why not gift her Aide-de-Camp: Nadine Travel Camera Bag with Removable Insert for camera and laptop?

  • This handbag from Nadine has been fabricated out of high-quality canvas using reinforced embroidery lending the same incredible durability.
  • Carrying the bag is also a pleasure as it drops down 10 inches when you hang the same from your hand or shoulder letting you walk or stride flexibly.
  • There is enough room inside the bag to pack your laptop, gym towels, diapers, and camera along with its accessories. To be precise, you can pack a 15” laptop along with a DSLR camera and 2-4 lenses.
  • The Aide-de-Camp doubles up as a tote bag when you remove the padding for camera and laptop. There are a total three pockets on the outside while there are 6 compartments and pouches inside the bag.
  • The handbag has been chipped out of premium grade of canvas that makes it very lightweight as well as highly water-resistant.
  • Your partner will be able to make good use of the sleeve built into the bag’s backside. Instead of sliding it over her shoulder she can slip it through the trolley attached with the suitcase and tow it comfortably.
  1. QNAP TS-251 2-Bay Personal Cloud NAS

QNAP TS-451 – The affordable NAS for your better half

So you bought a camera for your significant other half and she’s been getting snap happy over the last few years. In these years, she has captured so many snaps that she’s on the verge of running out of space to store the same securely. So what she needs now is a robust backup device that’ll enable her to archive all her captured images and have some confidence that they’re safe and secure.  The QNAP TS-251 2-Bay Personal Cloud has you covered.

Curious to how I’m using my QNAP? Give my review on the QNAP TS-453 a read on how to make the most of a NAS!

I purchased a bigger QNAP device which I wrote about more in this review so I’m a bit biased when it comes to QNAP devices. With that said though, there’s no denying that having a NAS of any brand is a great purchase for any photographer to ensure their photographs are stored in a separate place to safe guard against losing them! This is more of a lightweight NAS to the one I purchased but is very capable. Some of the key call outs of this NAS include:

  • The Qsync and backup station allows you to conveniently back up files stored on your PC, laptop or portable hard drive. Once the backup activity is complete, you can retrieve the files wherever you are through myQNAPcloud service that gives you access to TS-251 regardless of your location letting you share multimedia contents with your near and dear ones.
  • The TS-251 Intel 2.41 GHz Dual Core CPU with Media Transcoding is a perfect NAS (network-attached storage) for transcoding. This means you can benefit from it too! The device can download and transcode media on the fly.
  • View your backed up photographs on QNAP’s Photostation application from anywhere. Out for coffee with someone and want to show them those photos you took on a recent trip? Just connect to your QNAP and start showing them through the Photostation application.
  1. NiSi V5 100mm Long Exposure Kit

Out of all the items listed in this guide, the NiSi kit is the one thing that will really take your partners photography to the next level. By having a good neutral density filter set like the NiSi Long Exposure Kit, this opens the doors to lots of new and exciting types of photography.

The kit comprises of a V5 100mm filter holder, four adapter rings (which works great if she has lenses of different filter diameters), a 10 stop neutral density filter and a leather case for storage. The innovative form factor of the filter holder makes taking the 10-stop neutral density filter on and off a breeze.

Not sure where to start with long exposure photography? My long exposure photography ideas post has you covered!

Some key call outs about what makes the NiSi long exposure kit appealing –

  • The 10 stop neutral density filter that comes in the kit means you will be able to capture long exposures in any conditions, whether that be in harsh sun light or at sunset.
  • The adaptor rings having widths of 82mm, 77mm, 72mm, and 67mm makes this versatile and compatible with lots of different lens diameters.
  • The quality of the filter is top notch and comes rated with high toughness meaning it will be able to cope in harsh conditions (think sea spray)
  • The nano coating ensures that your image quality is not degraded from putting a filter in front of the lens. With some cheaper filters you will find that they can introduce issues to your colour and sharpness. Not with the NiSi.
  • An added bonus of the NiSi using the nano coating is that it minimises glare as anti-reflective and anti-glaring qualities are imparted to the filter.
  • Leakage or seepage of light during your long exposures is protected thanks to the layering technology used between the filter holder and the lens adapter
  • Lastly and I think this is what makes the kit appealing is the pretty little leather pouch that holds everything together. The components stay protected inside the leather pouch that is supplied with the kit
  1. EveCase Canvas Bag

If your partner has a bit too much gear for the Nadine bag or it’s not to her overall style then the Evercase canvas messenger bag is a great alternative. The Evecase Canvas camera Bag is in fact a multipurpose shoulder or handbag that can be conveniently used for towing a hefty SLR camera along with a couple of lenses as well as a 14-inch laptop. Of course, you can also use the bag for packing a range of items and supplies while you’re travelling on a photography mission or simply as a happy-go-lucky traveler. Some of the key call outs around this bag which make it appealing include:

  • Created from premium quality of material offers you a plethora of storage alternatives and in an organized manner. Stitched out a heavy-duty faded canvas, cushioned with fabric inserts of soft cotton, and reinforced with foam padding, this bag keeps your camera as well as the photographic accessories in pristine condition.
  • The inserts for DSLR and laptop can be detached whenever you wish to use the bag for commuting to office or packing essentials for a trip.
  • A pouch at the front of the bag that is easily accessible provides you extra room for packing in sockets, cables or numerous other smaller items. There are 2 pockets on the sides where your remotes, chargers, filters, and lens caps go in.
  • The straps or belts conveniently embrace the bag all around that also allows the carriage of camera tripod. This is great as really, who likes lugging around a tripod separately.
  • The kit comes with a rain cover that can be conveniently wrapped over the bag in the event that you’re caught in miserable weather and need to protect your gear.
Do you know you can take long exposures with your iPhone? Give my guide to long exposures on your iPhone a read!
  1. Black and Ivory Scarf Camera Strap from Capturing Couture

Let your partner stand out from the crowd with a unique camera scarf from Capturing Couture. These come in a variety of options and sure beat the standard camera strap that comes when you first purchase a camera.

  • It goes without saying that if your partner is still holding on to the same camera that you gave her many years ago, the strap might be starting to show some age and be dirty so why not get a nice fresh new strap?
  • The straps from Capturing Couture add a bit of personal style to one’s camera setup and allows you to express your own creativity as you stand out from the crowd of photographers with their generic camera branded straps!
  • Aside from the looks and focusing on what’s most important for a moment, the camera strap is comfortable and capable of securely holding your camera for long periods.
  • Capturing Couture uses high quality materials with the endings of the scarf having nylon webbings that make the product durable and will withstand heavy use over time.


So there you have it! A list of 7 items which I’d recommend for your other half whether it be as a spontaneous gift, Valentine ’s Day, birthday or Christmas. The list has been drawn up in such a manner that you get wide leeway in selecting an item based on your girlfriend’s preferences, equipment features, and of course your budget.   

I hope this is has been useful in your search for the perfect photography gift for your better half!

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