Before and After – Liffey Falls

As a photographer, we all have one or two images that are personal favourites. For me, this is mine. It’s a photo captured at Liffey Falls, Tasmania on a wet and wintery day. Generally personal favourites for me are images that have back stories that make them what they are.  Before taking this photograph I […]

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Before and After – AAMI Park

Capturing the Photo Fireworks at AAMI Park as captured in 2011 during a sports game at one of Melbourne’s iconic sports venues. After passing by it on my commute every day to work, I’d always wanted to capture a long exposure of the traffic going beneath the bridge with the stadium all lit up with […]

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Canon 5DS Specs Rumour

    There was a time many releases ago that I eagerly anticipated the release of the Canon 5D Mark II. That time has rolled around again and I’m now waiting with interest the release of the next Canon 5D flagship. Whether it be called the 5D Mark IV or Canon 5DS, time will tell but […]

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Christmas in Sri Lanka

Happy New Year! Going a little bit different for this post with a little personal post on a recent trip to Sri Lanka. After a busy year I was happy just to take it easy without the big boy and shoot casually handheld with the Fuji X100.  A great little camera that I use as my […]

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