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Example of a rectangle neutral density filter setup

Long Exposure Filters Buying Guide

Neutral density filters are a great way to get creative and explore long exposure photography. With most manipulation to a photograph happening during post processing, it’s a refreshing change being able to get creative in camera with the various effects of long exposure photography.  The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of long exposure […]

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An example of where a neutral density filter was used to slow down a moving object while keeping surrounding objects sharp

Finding the Sunset Direction for Photography

The Photographer’s Ephemeris is a fantastic tool that makes planning photographic expeditions a total cinch. No more wasted trips or missed shots due to unsatisfactory lighting or the pesky sun popping up over the horizon in the ‘wrong’ place. I rely on it quite a bit as part of my photography workflow and wanted to share […]

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$12k for a lens. Bargain.

Why are Canon Lenses White?

When I bought my Canon 350D back in 2006, digital photography was starting to boom (yep – I jumped on the bandwagon) and it was rare to see someone toting a DSLR and lens combo worth more than my first car like we commonly see today. Coming from a relatively small town and with digital photography only just […]

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