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How to Create a Double Exposure in...

05 May How to Create a Double Exposure in Photoshop

  Creating a Double Exposure in Adobe Photoshop A few years ago now I put together a video tutorial on YouTube on how to create a double exposure in Photoshop. At the time a few photographers were taking beautiful double exposures, achieving a similar effect... [+]

Steel Wool Beneath the Stars - Post...

13 Oct Steel Wool Beneath the Stars – Post Processing Tutorial

Transparency in photography is something I’m big on. Some photographers like to keep their techniques and tricks to themselves while others are a little more open and happy to discuss.  I fall into the later group and am big on sharing with others. For me,... [+]

Playing around with steel wool at...

12 Sep Playing around with steel wool at South Arm, Tasmania

Last weekend I got home and spent a few days with the family, this little fella and possibly an over indulgence on nice scotch. But one of the reasons I was itching to get home was to channel my inner pyrotechnic and play around with lighting... [+]

Create Yourself a Neutral Density...

07 Jul Create Yourself a Neutral Density Filter for Under $10

Ever since getting in to daytime long exposure photography I’ve read about people experimenting with making their own dark neutral density filters similar to that of the B+W 110 or Hoya ND400. These filters are great for day time long exposure as the filter is... [+]

How to Photograph Waterfalls -...

16 Nov How to Photograph Waterfalls – Tutorial

Photography Tips: Waterfall Photography Waterfall photography is one of my favourite styles of photography as it combines my love of nature and long exposures.  I’m a sucker for standing waist deep in a freezing stream capturing a photo. It’s strangely relaxing especially when you have... [+]