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Hobart Underground

24 Dec Hobart Underground

An old underground tunnel in Hobart. This was lighted with a red coloured cd case attached to the front of a torch. I put the camera into bulb mode and walked up and down each side waving the torch up and down which created the... [+]


24 Nov Self

A personal favourite captured in 2007 underneath a noisy highway.

Hobart Rivulet - Light Trails

13 Nov Hobart Rivulet – Light Trails

Going a little over the top with light trails in the Hobart rivulet.

Hobart Rivulet

11 Aug Hobart Rivulet

The lights were recently turned off in the rivulet making it quite eerie. This is a quick burst of light of yours truly.

Tasmanian Urbex

12 Nov Tasmanian Urbex

Urrrrrrrrrrban exploration or urbex is something I enjoy, it’s so fiddly to get the light just how you want it which leaves me feeling I can re-shoot the same location over and over until it’s captured just how I want it. This was just an... [+]