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Canon 5D Rumors

It appears any discussion related to the Canon 5D Mark ii is met with quite a bit of interest on google from search engine type in traffic so I’m using this as an index for any discussion in posts which has been made that may be of interest. It’s definitely clear that everyone is quite eagerly awaiting the announcement with many rumors getting about. It will be especially interesting to see the reaction when the announcement is finally made as no doubt it won’t suit everyone. I’ve noticed some far fetched specifications which predict the body to have specifications which are far superior to any current 1D body which seems absurd as it somewhat defeats the purpose of Canon having the 1D series if they are going to come out and release a body which has all the features + more? However could we even see a new 1D series body released at the same time as the market is given a (somewhat) affordable full-frame camera whilst also having the option for the professional more expensive body of a 1D. It would be nice and quite possible for Canon to follow what has been successful in the past by having the 400D and also the 40D with one being more affordable however a little different in features, time shall tell.