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Lindisfarne Overpass

My wordpress is still acting up when I try to embed images in both firefox and internet explorer but I saved this one in my drafts last week. This is shot nearby where I live in Lindisfarne, Tasmania a quiet little place.

Getting your work stolen is weird, so disappointing that people have no respect and are more then happy to claim as their own. Yet the individual had my work deleted from their gallery however remains a member on DeviantArt. In my view they should be banned, stealing 50 images from a range of photographers and claiming them is ridiculious and should not be welcomed on any artistic community. But then again deviantart is a funny place. But anyway I really don’t understand how people get any satisfaction out of this? At the end of the day you’re only cheating yourself.

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  1. Loving your photos. They bring back some magical memories of a few weeks I spent in Tasmania a few years ago 🙂

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