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Tasmania Seascape


I really like the texture of the water in this one if I do say so myself haha. I’ve been eager to shoot around the point at Park Beach which would involve hopping over rocks during the break from waves coming in. Unfortunately I didn’t really take note that there was going to be a swing in tide which made things very wet when trying to leave haha.

Processed in lightroom which is interesting as some people believe it degrades from the quality/sharpness if you make too many adjustments? Is there any substance in this?


2 thoughts on “Tasmania Seascape

  1. the water has a great feel to it, i agree.

    As for lightroom degredation??
    If you’re processing RAW files (basically what lightroom does best and is designed for) the only loss of quality you’ll get is saving it as a compressed jpeg.
    but if you’re processing jpegs, then ANY program will degreade the quality every time you save/ re-save it.
    That’s why I love how lightroom works. ALL the image data and changes are stored without overwriting the original file, even when you export the image (unless you overwrite the original)

  2. I agree with Rob.

    Lightroom is just a raw processing engine. If you are processing raw photos, you can really push their pixels much more than you can with any image in photoshop.

    Now if you push the raw too much you can mess it up, but you don’t need to do that to get a good image. Tip, check the channels when you put the image into photoshop, you can easily see if you’ve gone too far.


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