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Russell Falls, Tasmania


A pretty cliche photograph of Russell Falls, located in the Mt. Field national park.

I’m not that into this shot as it’s a pretty common tourist shot but was rather limited with the weather. The light was really patchy, just as I’d set my gear up a cloud passed over the sun which softened the light allowing me to quickly fire a shot off. After that there were no more clouds in the sky and the light was rather harsh creating some pretty crazy highlights when trying to expose.

Shot with a Canon 350D, Canon 10-22, Hoya ND 8x and circular polariser.

2 thoughts on “Russell Falls, Tasmania

  1. Looks like a nice spot to take some photos – waterfalls are probably my favourite things to shoot… Might be a common tourist shot, but it is still good nevertheless…

  2. I like your website!

    This is a wonderful picture.

    I especially love long exposure waterfalls.

    This looks like a lush area.

    The falls look like they are much higher than what the picture shows.

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