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City Urbex – Light Painting Long Exposure


Underground exploring photo trips are fun. The colours you see for this urbex scene come from using a torch with coloured cd cases over the top like in this picture.

3 thoughts on “City Urbex – Light Painting Long Exposure

  1. Wow… I have been following your underground expeditions. I am curious to know if you have any reservations or fears about traveling underground, for example, getting robbed or whatever the dark may be hiding. How do you overcome them? Do you travel alone?

  2. Yeah it does put me on edge a little and any sounds can be quite intimidating. But this isn’t so bad if you have someone with you as I’ve come across people on my travels and most people are just as scared as I am to see someone else. Fun times though 🙂

  3. Wow ! I really like your photos. I think you won’t mind me for linking you in my blog. I am just an amateur but I’d like to learn more and make more beautiful images too (when I get more money of course).

    I really like the idea of an image showing a way – a path to walk. I feel like that. Your long-exposure shots are really cool.


    Law Shay

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