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Sunset at Clifton Beach, Tasmania

As the cloud slowly rolled in throughout the afternoon, I made plans to take a drive and get some photos somewhere. As I arrived at Clifton I realised I had brought my broken tripod, fantastic! I wanted to capture at least one photo of the beautiful clouds so I laid over the rocks, positioning the camera on a rock and snapped away.

This is a 1.3″ second exposure at F.13 with the Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 17-40 and Cokin Z-Pro graduated neutral density filters to control the exposure of the sky.

Recently I wrote a small buying guide for neutral density filters that you may want to look at (click).

7 thoughts on “Sunset at Clifton Beach, Tasmania

  1. Another great shot Alex. Perfect exposure length to get a nice amount of movement in the water. Well composed also…

    1. Thank you Mark.

  2. Another inspiring shot! Whichj end of the beach was this?

    I took your advice and bought a B&W 10-stop. In the UK at the moment so picked it up locally to bring home next week. Your guide to long exposures earlier this week was very timely, thanks a lot.

    1. Thanks Paul! This was captured on the main end of Clifton at a low tide, I was lucky to be able to walk around the rocks which is normally difficult.

      Be sure to send through some photos when you get going with the B+W, would love to see. Glad you enjoyed the guide.

      – Alex

  3. Really awesome photo, rarely a better “beach” photo…they kinda tend to look all the same, but this one surprised me!

  4. This is really helpful post on photography, your work is appreciable. Very nice photographs.

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