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Howrah Seascape

Non existent sunset at Howrah Beach. Captured with usual shidazzle of a Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 17-40, Cokin Z-Pro .6 and .9 graduated neutral density filters under exposing the sky to give it more oomph. It occurred to me while writing what equipment I use that it sounds terribly wanky. I try to post my equipment and retain the exif data on my images in case anyone is curious.

3 thoughts on “Howrah Seascape

  1. Very nicley done. Keep up the nicley old school Landscape work btw, so refreshing when presented with so much hdr ‘crap’ from the majority of other ‘modern’ photographers!

    Also i like the fact you update with equipment and exif, as i am curious!

    1. Thanks Dave that means a lot. HDR is way over played so it’s nice that I can still stand out without jumping on the bandwagon with the latest fad.

  2. I like how you mention your hardware and exif data. I don’t think it’s wanky at all.

    BTW- I love the shot. Your work’s an ongoing source of inspiration for new photographers (like me!). It’s great to be inspired by ‘traditional’ work and a reminder to stick to timeless techniques (despite the fact i’m guilty of straying into fad’ish techniques from time to time….)

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