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Tarn Shelf Fagus

Once a year, the deciduous beech that surrounds the Tarn Shelf turns from green to a beautiful yellow. I’ve walked into the Tarn Shelf a few times but always managed to miss out on this limited opportunity. Knowing it was the right time of the year, I set off early (7am) hoping for pretty reflections on the Tarn and to avoid the crowds (60 people as we left at 11am). It was a cold but nice morning with fog throughout the Derwent Valley.  Unfortunately once reaching the Tarn it was quite breezy so this ruled out any hope of capturing the Tarn reflecting surrounding fagus.

First four shots were captured with a Canon 24-70 2.8 whilst the remaining with a Canon 50 1.4

5 thoughts on “Tarn Shelf Fagus

  1. Hot digitty I bet it was cold. Would love to be there rather than working!

  2. Beautiful shots, Alex! I specially enjoyed the second one with the fog. As for the 50mm, gotta love the bokeh!

    1. Thanks Faby 🙂

  3. Great stuff Alex

    #5.. awesome those colours are devine.. im going to go autumn chasing one weekend soon ive decided (before its too late)

    Awesome stuff, i like it a lot.

    1. Thanks Jack! It’s the best time to whip out the 50 and get some juicy bokeh shots 😉

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