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Middleton, Tasmania

Afternoon drive down south to Middleton after a friend put me onto these scattered pylons. After raining much of the day, I wasn’t getting my hopes up for a nice sunset but in the end got quite lucky with this gem.

8 thoughts on “Middleton, Tasmania

  1. Great job!, they look beautiful! 🙂

    Like a big happy family of pylons! (sounds like something Bob Ross would say)

  2. Wonderful photo Alex.

  3. Truly amazing! As with all of your photos. I stumbled onto your site by looking up info about using filters for long exposures. I am hooked, and will frequent your site daily.

  4. Love it, mate. The long exposure has really created some nice motion in the clouds, and smoothed out the water perfectly.

  5. Bloody nice work Alex, awesome sky, great exposure.

  6. Fantabulous dude..

    You do so well with these..

    Amazing 🙂 You should MSN more!

  7. I like this a lot man…but have you ever thought about being a party photographer?

    1. I’ll need a Holga for that 😉

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