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Remarkable Caves, Tasmania

10 sec / f.22

3 minutes / f.9

25 sec / f.14

1.6 sec / f.10

3 min / f.18

A series of photographs from Remarkable Caves, Tasmania.

5 thoughts on “Remarkable Caves, Tasmania

  1. Quite like the last one in this series wisie 😉

    1. Cheers Carl! 🙂

  2. Amazing stuff

    I like the variety of exposure times so you have a variety of seasonal themes… all of them make me feel cold tho

    That is how i picture Tasmania, a battered weathered coastline.

    1. Thanks Jack! Always appreciate your comments. I couldn’t agree more, this is such a typical Tasmania winter seascape with wild waves crashing against the cliffs. You’ll have to get down here some day and we’ll shoot 🙂

  3. Really beautiful shots.

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