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Southern Tasmania

long exposure photography

I’ve been umming and ahhing whether to post this up or not. The jetty looks out of focussed but was actually the movement of the sea creating a nice blur.  What do you think? Yay or nay?

Nerdy details – 180 second exposure captured with a B+W 110 neutral density filter to allow for a longer exposure.

5 thoughts on “Southern Tasmania

  1. On initial glace, the DOF appeared to confuse me, with the post on the left being sharp, but the (near part of the) jetty being soft. However, on closer look, it was obvious it was due to the jetty movement.

    I like it, and you’ve captured an interesting sky too!

    (One minor criticism – the top of the pole on the left lines up with the edge of the water – probably would have looked better if you had raised the camera slightly.)

    1. Thanks Martin for the honest criticism. I don’t receive enough of it so it’s very much appreciated and noted 🙂

  2. fantastic composition…but for me the blurred jetty is too distracting. It jumps out at me…..
    love the green colour on the sticking out post and the green hills in the background. And that water looks beautiful, like a mirror.
    Gorgeous pic other than the blur! (IMO)

  3. At first glance I didn’t care for it. But I do like how the center is in focus. Still not sure overall. But it certainly does make you think and wonder.

    1. Thanks Ed for your thoughts. Just the impact I was hoping for 🙂

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