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Jetty Ruins – Long Exposure

An old photograph from 2009 captured with a 59 second exposure at Midway Point, Tasmania. Normally I would have opted for a longer exposure but  the exposure was cut short before the rain ruined the reflections around the old jetty. You can see the reflections starting to ripple towards the background.

As usual this is shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 17-40 and B+W 110 (10 stop) neutral density filter. The B+W 110 is a must for shooting daylight long exposures and allowed me to easily obtain an (almost) 1 minute long exposure even if it was early afternoon (2:30PM). Anyone serious about taking daytime long exposure photographs need this neutral density filter in their kit.

5 thoughts on “Jetty Ruins – Long Exposure

  1. Great shot! I’m awaiting the arrival of my new 7D and have been reading up on neutral density filters. I love the way you use them Alex, very inspiring. Is there somewhere I can get a complete kit?

    1. Thanks Tim! I’ve mentioned kits you can purchase in my daytime long exposure guide which might interest you The Lee kit is fantastic and well worth the money. Enjoy your 7D! 🙂

  2. Very interesting.

  3. Nice Al,

    Have you shot more at this spot or only once? Reflections are great.. would make a good high contrast B&W I reakon!

    1. Thanks Jack! Will definitely give that a try 🙂

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