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Weekly Digest – Mint Tin Pinhole, Canon C300, DIY Monitor Hoods + More

A collection of links that caught my interest recently.

Fascinating self study exploring the norms of different cultures by Natalie Abbassi

35mm pinhole camera made from a mint tin

Stunning photograph of lightning erupting under stars

Beautiful star trail photography by Lincoln Harrison

A look at what the most popular editing programs are for photographers

Stunning animated photographs

Stu Maschwitz provides an interesting look at the new Canon C300 

The Edit – A video exploring the feeling of getting a film back from being developed. I’ve always thought this is like being a kid on Christmas day all over. Such a fun feeling.

Beautiful car series by Atelier Olschinsky titled 1000KM

DIY article on how to build your own monitor hood

7 easy tips to improve your coastal photography

Guy paints his Canon 50 1.8 (nifty fifty) to look like a white L series lens

Behind the scenes on a wedding photography shoot 20m under the water. Keen…