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Turpin Falls – The Photo That Killed my Camera

The last photo my camera took before taking a swim. Yep you read right. Not long after this photo I began to compose for another photo and thought I had the tripod firmly planted until 10 seconds later it tipped and fell in the water. I posted earlier in the week in greater detail on the ‘incident’ in case you’re curious.

Last Sunday I took a trip out to Turpin Falls with Ben Jensz. We hoped to shoot around 2-3 waterfalls in the Daylsford area (well he eventually did anyway). I’m jealous as we took a trip to a ripper waterfall later in the morning called Trentham Falls, one that I will definitely be revisiting at a later date. But fortunately before my camera died (and my memory card survived!) this waterfall photograph was taken at Turpin Falls. The photo is a 2 minute long exposure at f.13. Unfortunately there was patchy light throughout the day which I normally try to avoid when taking waterfall photographs but luckily I got a lucky few minutes where the cloud diffused the sun creating a nice soft light. The cloudy and patchy sunlight that day wasn’t necessarily bad as it created nice streaky clouds above the waterfall which you wouldn’t normally get if shooting on an overcast day.

But luckily today my replacement Canon 5D Mark II arrived. I was a happy boy. Now to get shooting!


7 thoughts on “Turpin Falls – The Photo That Killed my Camera

  1. Somewhat irrelevant, but you have the same desktop wallpaper as I do. Also on dual display. Noice! I think I got it from Lifehacker.

    1. Haha random! I thought it was rather fitting for this awful weather 😉

  2. Hi Alex, Nice work, but shame about the Camera. Fortunately, the glass was saved, I gather from your previous post. Phew. I like the photo
    of the falls very much, but I am struggling a little with these types of shots. Would you be kind enough to advise of the ISO used. I can’t gather the EXIF data easily as I’m OS at present and only have access via an i-pad. Gotta find a good EXIF reader app soon.
    PS You still want a look at/play with the DP dolly sometime?

    1. Hi John,

      Unfortunately I’d been putting the money aside for the Stage One system and I think I might have to put those plans on hold now. Would love to see your DP setup in action sometime though but alas, I think it will give me mass envy! If you fancy a city shoot sometime and want me to help lug the gear for you, I’ll bring my stuff and we’ll take some shots.

      Apologies the exif data doesn’t appear to be in tact. I loathe when people strip exif data. Here’s the data for you –
      Camera Maker: Canon
      Camera Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
      Lens: EF17-40mm f/4L USM
      Image Date: 2012-05-27 10:20:59 +0000
      Focal Length: 22mm
      Aperture: f/13.0
      Exposure Time: 120.000 s
      ISO equiv: 50
      Exposure Bias: none
      Metering Mode: Center Weight
      White Balance: Auto
      Flash Fired: No (enforced)
      Orientation: Normal
      Color Space: sRGB
      GPS Coordinate: undefined, undefined
      Photographer: Photographer: Alex Wise
      Copyright: Copyright: Alex Wise
      Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows


      – Alex

  3. Hi Alex, Thanks very much for that. I’m overseas at present, with only access via an iPad. It’s not real good at picking up the EXIF info, so your reply is much appreciated. The Canon has an advantage over my D700 in that it will stop down to a 50 ISO equivalent whereas I can really only get down to 100 ISO equiv. So, gotta make do with other ways around it all. Anyhoo…we can maybe catch up sometime with the DP dolly when I’m back onshore. Cheers and many thanks – John.

  4. Oops I’ve been lucky, no cameras lost so far, touch wood. Lovely blog Alex. Im a new’ish reader having only just discovered your work. Cheers Steve

    1. Thanks for popping by Steve!

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