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Long Exposures at Gunnamatta Beach, Victoria

Gunnamatta Beach
Self portrait – 3 minute exposure at f13

Recently I got out for a trip on a cold winter’s afternoon with Ronnie Ling a friend who I originally met through photography that has recently moved to Melbourne.

Did I mention that it was freezing?
Afternoon photos at Gunnamatta Beach with Ronnie Ling

We decided to head down to the Mornington Peninsular in hope of catching some nice afternoon light and some long exposures. Unfortunately it rained the whole way down there (typical!) which didn’t leave us feeling confident that we would get dry conditions. Luckily for us the weather cleared and we were able to get out and get some photos in. We had been quite keen to get down Gunnamatta Beach way for a while as it is known for being wild and popular for local fishermen which we hoped would create some interesting photo ideas. Popular spot for local fishermen was probably an understatement as the beach was swarming with them which made nice empty photos of the beach not a possibility. Luckily though this is where strong neutral density filters come into their own. Through using a 10 stop neutral density filter like the B+W 110 I was able to blur out all the people  fishing by the shoreline.

Below are a couple of my favourite photos for the day with all photos taken on a Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 17-40, Cokin Z-Pro graduated neutral density filters and B+W 110 stop filter.

In case you missed it I used this trip as an opportunity to put together a small guide on how you can create your own neutral density filter for under $10 by using welding glass. It’s a simple way to obtain long exposures (1-5 minutes) during the day without needing to spend a fortune on filters. The guide shows how many stops welding glass blocks out, how to remove the colour cast created by using welding glass as a ND and a few other little tips.

Thanks for looking!

– Alex

seascape photography
0.6 second exposure at f20
fishermen Gunnamatta Beach
25 second exposure at f10
reflections at Gunnamatta Beach
1 second exposure at f22
long exposure Gunnamatta Beach
2 minute exposure at f8

4 thoughts on “Long Exposures at Gunnamatta Beach, Victoria

  1. Hi Alex, Called by for a look at your website/blog…cool. I grew up on the Mornington Peninsula, but haven’t really given it a proper go for shooting. However, your long exposure Gunnamatta shots have whetted my appetite, so must get down there sometime soon. I especially like the self portrait and the last one of 2mins at f8. Nice tones and composition. Good work mate. Cheers – John

    1. Hey John,

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m jealous you grew up down that way – it’s a beautiful part of the world! Some great shots you have there in your portfolio too. Was loving some of the shots from your scapes section, especially the shot Skjálfandafljót. Anyway hope to see some shots from you down there soon. It’s a great place to shoot.

      Thanks again,

      – Alex

  2. Your photos are really good ALEX and I am using them until a school project. We have been asked to talk about an “in camera technique” so your images using long exposure are what i want to base my body of work on.

    within the report we have to wrote we have to discuss how our choose photographer used their technique to convey a message/narrative or impact.

    Do you have a quote i could use within my report?

    all the best,

    1. Hi Rosie,

      Thank you so much for the kind words and wanting to use my work for your school project – I’m touched!

      I use long exposures to be creative with an otherwise bland scene. It’s through long exposures I’m able to provide something that’s different to the viewer.

      – Alex

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