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Eastlink Hotel by Callum Morton

Eastlink Hotel

Hotel by Callum Morton
Hotel by Callum Morton

Ever since moving over to Melbourne, trips down the coast and being by the sea are my saving grace. I love Melbourne as a city but I love getting out of it and exploring the coastline. It reminds me of home in a sense that it feels familiar. As part of these trips down the coast I often pass this hotel along the Eastlink Highway and have been forever fascinated by it.

The hotel is in fact an installation by Callum Morton, professor and head of fine arts at Monash University. Not quite the size of your normal hotel, the hotel is 12 metres long, 20 metres high and 5 metres wide. Once night time hits, the little windows light up, gradually turning off and turning on in different rooms. It’s really quite neat to watch especially as a room lights up a strong colour momentarily.

For anyone wishing to see the installation by Callum, the hotel is situated between Greens Road and Bangholme Road on the Eastlink Highway.

Apologies for the watermarks too. I was running some reverse image look ups on Google (great tool I might add) and found that some of my Melbourne images are being used heavily without my permission like this one from St Kilda. Thanks real estate agents… I’d highly recommend you run some reverse look ups on your popular images too. Google Chrome does it natively within the browser  by right clicking an image and selecting “Search Google for this Image’. Alternatively Google have a tutorial on how to use this, I personally prefer it over Tineye but use both and have found good results.

eastlink hotel

2 thoughts on “Eastlink Hotel by Callum Morton

  1. Hi Alex. Nice interesting take on the “Hotel” installation on Eastlink. I drive past this twice a day almost every day and gotta say that I love your treatment of an installation that I’ve heard others speak of in less than complimentary tones. As a former art teacher, it astounds me that there are so many opportunities and locations around Melbourne for us to appreciate, yet most people are utterly oblivious to them. Your photograph speaks volumes for this particular work, and I really like the first image in particular. The tonal range is exceptional. Good work mate and keep it up. – John

    1. Thanks John! It’s such a fantastic feature and whenever I’ve taken friends over from Hobart down the coast, they always look in awe and wonder what it was. That’s a shame to hear that you’ve heard others speak of it in less than complimentary tones. I think it’s great and wish there were more installations. Definitely keeps things interesting on an otherwise dull drive! Thanks again for stopping by. – Alex

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