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Oliver’s Hill Jetty – Frankston

What rocks your boat? For me it’s old jetties. They are a dying breed that are slowly taken away and either replaced with a concrete (admittedly much safer) monstrosity or removed all together. Part of me dies every time one goes. Okay. Probably not quite that dramatic as I have picked up a splinter or two from my beloved old jetties.  A right of passage if you may.

One of the more popular older jetties close to Melbourne is the Oliver’s Hill jetty in Frankston. It’s a mecca for every Tom, Dick and Harry to hone in his or her long exposure skills. I remember when I first shot it around in 2013 I was a little taken back that there were 3-4 other photographers there. Something that felt foreign after never coming across a sole when photographing in Hobart.

Driving past the jetty a few weekends ago I noticed that it was slowly getting taken down and replaced with a new concrete jetty. I went back later that evening just before sunset while there was a break in the weather. Like the first time I photographed it, there were around 6-8 photographers that slowly arrived as the sun slowly set. For the most part everyone was happy to make small talk. I had to laugh, there is always one or two that take things too seriously (chest pumping about gear, battling people for positions, etc). Chill – it’s just a sunset. Enjoy the moment and don’t take life too seriously…

Oliver’s Hill from around the same location – 3 years apart.


Oliver's Hill Jetty

olivers hill

2 thoughts on “Oliver’s Hill Jetty – Frankston

  1. Fantastic narrative and I love the ‘then and now’ pics. As infrastructure changes it just gives us photographers more incentive to explore our surroundings instead of falling back onto the standard favourites.

    1. Hi Tiffany, thanks for the kind words. I completely agree, sometimes things going isn’t necessarily a bad thing for photographers and forces people to push outside of their comfort zone.

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