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Jetty Ruins – Midway Point, Tasmania

Passing through Midway Point recently, I noticed a jetty that I photographed last April had been pulled down. As I’m always on the look out for old jetties to photograph, I came back a few days later on a wet evening. Standing ankle deep in water this is a 5 minute exposure at f.10.

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Midway Point, Tasmania


I like how much a long exposure changes a scene, smooth water and a slight movement of the clouds really creates a nice effect. Anyway click here for a faster shutter speed version to compare the different effects but you can decide..

Captured at Midway Point (just near the Hobart airport) with a Canon 5D II, Canon 17-40 and B+W 110. The filter allowed me to pull a 4 minute exposure even though it was still relatively light, cooool.