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Waterfall Photography – Tasmania

An old favourite of mine captured in April 2008 of a small stream inland from St Helens at St Columbia Falls. As this was taken a few years ago, it was shot with my previous setup of a Canon 350D, Canon 10-22 and a tripod.  I didn’t get many keepers that day as the sun was patchy and my kit lacked a circular polariser.  But fortunately I caught a moment where the sun was diffused and created a nice evenly lit scene.

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Cora Lynn Falls, Yarra Ranges National Park – Waterfall Photography

3.2 sec - f/20
8 sec - f/20

Another couple of photos from last weekend but this time captured at Cora Lynn Falls in the Yarra Ranges National Park. For the first photo I awkwardly perched myself on a small rock after scaling down from the tourist lookout which didn’t offer much in the way of views. It was still rather limited but I’m happy with how it came out. While the second is looking down Cora Lynn Falls reminding me of a viewpoint similar to that of Liffey Falls.

Both shots captured with a Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 17-40, Hoya Circular Polariser and Manfrotto tripod. A little bit of layer blending for both to bring out the foliage surrounding the waterfall and also tinkering with the white and black points. For the second photo I decided to drop the shadows significantly which brought out the colour and tone of the foliage nicely.

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Snug Falls – Waterfall Photography

Pushing through some photos that have sat in my drafts a little too long. This was captured November 2011 err 2010 at Snug Falls after a period of light rain which created nice conditions for photographs. As it was quite breezy, I opted for a short ish exposure (3 seconds) to minimise blur around the foliage of the waterfall. It could have probably benefited from a even shorter exposure as the foliage did blur a little.

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North West Bay River, Tasmania

North West Bay River, Tasmania3 image stitch with a 4 second exposure at f.20

Apologies for the over load of posts lately. Not being able to take photos during exams was painful so I’ve been making the most of my free time.

This is a long exposure photograph captured at the North West Bay River, Tasmania. I was put onto this location by Ben Short who posted a photo from it a few months back. It’s not far from Hobart (25~ minutes) so I’ve been waiting for an overcast and wet day to come along to make a quick dash for it.  Standing, clutching an umbrella above the camera and ankle deep in water, I’m quite happy with how this came out.

Photographed with a Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 17-40 lens and a circular polariser. No neutral density filter were used for this one (no need).