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Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island – Seascape Photography

Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island - Seascape Photography

Ever since moving over to Victoria in January I’ve been meaning to get out and shoot some new coastline. On Saturday I finally got around to it with a trip down to Cape Woolamai off the south eastern tip of Phillip Island.  Weather conditions were ideal with some lovely light peaking through the pinnacles lighting the scene nicely. It was a fun outing with quite a few seascape and long exposure photographs captured which I hope to share with you over the coming weeks.

This photograph was shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 17-40 and Cokin Z-Pro .9 neutral density filter.

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Stream, Tasmania


I love finding and photographing new streams like this little one from the Tasmanian North West. Each location is always unique with fascinating rock formations and colour from the surrounding foliage. It’s relaxing just pottering around for a few hours firing off photos while getting my feet wet in the freezing winter water. I was fortunate that the day was overcast as this is perfect for photographing water streams or waterfalls as it gives you a nice soft even exposure. My rule of thumb is to only shoot streams when the weather is average, it might sound a bit over the top but it really helps.

Captured with a Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 17-40 and Circular Polariser. The polariser makes a significant difference as it reduces the glare of the water, lowers the exposure by a tiny amount while increasing the saturation a little. It’s a nice addition for anyone that is looking to shoot streams or waterfalls.