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Southern Tasmania

long exposure photography

I’ve been umming and ahhing whether to post this up or not. The jetty looks out of focussed but was actually the movement of the sea creating a nice blur.  What do you think? Yay or nay?

Nerdy details – 180 second exposure captured with a B+W 110 neutral density filter to allow for a longer exposure.

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Tasmania Clearfelling

Just a few pictures from an early morning trip to take some photographs of clear felling in the south of Tasmania around the Huon and Geeveston areas. The morning was rather miserable with constant rain which really limited photo opportunities, bit of a shame. This is one theme that I’m rather eager to photograph more.

The jury is still out with the panoramic? I’m a sucker for dark images but maybe a little too much especially around the background? What are your thoughts?




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Morning Fog – Huon Valley, Tasmania

My dad and I took a early morning drive a few weekends ago to the Huon Valley, Tasmania which is 45~ minutes from Hobart. As we made or way into the valley, it still had a lot of morning fog which made visibility low but nicish for shots. I saw this as we were driving along the highway and told dad to pull over so I could take a couple of shots. As I ran back up the highway with my camera and tripod slung under my arm I had cars beeping at me haha weird.

I’m in the worst subject known to university, reaching boredom levels which I didn’t know were possible.

Shot with Canon 350D, Canon 10-22, Tripod