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Hobart Underground

An old underground tunnel in Hobart. This was lighted with a red coloured cd case attached to the front of a torch. I put the camera into bulb mode and walked up and down each side waving the torch up and down which created the lines.

I wish you a happy and safe Christmas and also thank you for your support over 2009 as I’ve enjoyed reading your comments.

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Tasmanian Urbex

Urrrrrrrrrrban exploration or urbex is something I enjoy, it’s so fiddly to get the light just how you want it which leaves me feeling I can re-shoot the same location over and over until it’s captured just how I want it. This was just an hour or so ago, unfortunately my torch died which killed the shoot and my mobile phone had to be used as a light source to navigate home, yeah that sucked. Anyhow this is beneath the gigantic city of Hobart cool huh?

Edit: A recent incident in Brisbane has left one man dead and another just surviving after visiting a similar underground like location during a storm. It’s on this note I just want to reiterate that when it rains, no drains but also my condolences to the family of the individual. If you have any questions about exploring such locations and are unsure about anything please get in touch with me as I may be able to offer assistance or direct you to people who live in your state who can show you around but also have experience.