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Clifton Beach, Tasmania

5″ sec exposure at f/22

Captured not long after this image once the sun had disappeared behind the hills. Amazing the difference that a little light can make.

This was an exposure of 5 secs which was just long enough to capture the movement of water without blurring the plants in the foreground.

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Sunset at Clifton Beach, Tasmania

As the cloud slowly rolled in throughout the afternoon, I made plans to take a drive and get some photos somewhere. As I arrived at Clifton I realised I had brought my broken tripod, fantastic! I wanted to capture at least one photo of the beautiful clouds so I laid over the rocks, positioning the camera on a rock and snapped away.

This is a 1.3″ second exposure at F.13 with the Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 17-40 and Cokin Z-Pro graduated neutral density filters to control the exposure of the sky.

Recently I wrote a small buying guide for neutral density filters that you may want to look at (click).

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Clifton Beach, Tasmania

I haven’t taken photos for almost 2 months and it has been killing me. Even though I’ve taken a ton of photos at Clifton I still wanted a shot looking towards Cape Deslacs with a nice golden hour light over the cliffs. Luckily the light came out for around a minute then quickly disappeared.

Another photograph captured not long after the light had disappeared can be viewed here.

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Clifton Beach

pano copyAnother from Clifton sorry! This was shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-70 and B+W 110. I never really use the 24-70 so was quite keen to give it a whirl and actually use it more. The lens is obviously a lot less wider then the 17-40 so for this image I decided on a two image stitch to get more in the shot.