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Photoshop Tutorial – Manually Set Black and White Points

Recently one of my Photoshop tutorials I posted on YouTube was featured on PetaPixel. It’s a neat little tutorial that shows you how to manually find the black and white points of an image and then define them within curves. The effect can be quite interesting and I’ve found can reduce the colour cast effect that is brought on from using and stacking neutral density filters like the Cokin setup.  Admittedly it’s not something I use all the time but I find it useful for when I’m lacking motivation and curious to see what effect it will have on an image.

In case you’re feeling lazy and just curious how the effect looks on an image, scroll down to the bottom of the post where I’ve included two before and after gif clips.

Apologies that my blog theme isn’t the prettiest thing when it comes to posting tutorials but bare with me.

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Adobe Lightroom Video Tutorial – Split Toning

A while ago I created a Lightroom video tutorial on using the split toning tool. This tool is one of my favourite features introduced as part of Lightroom 3. Whilst the split toning effect has been possible in Photoshop for some time now, I still prefer the simplicity and ease that the Lightroom split toning tool offers. It allows you to introduce colours to your shadow or highlights thus allowing some interesting effects. Personally I think the split toning tool is best suited for street and candid photography. I tend not to use split toning for landscape and seascape images as we are more looking to accurately represent the original colours of the scene rather than introducing colours to our shadows and highlights. If anything, I would possibly create a very minor split toning that is barely recognisable rather than go overboard.

Hope this Lightroom 3 tutorial has been helpful 🙂


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Canon 5D II Manual Video Firmware (1.1.0) Released

The 5D Mark II manual video controls are finally here. It’s nice Canon is listening to its users who are doing some really cool things with the video mode.

I just wish lightroom would implement functionality which allows you to catalogue video files and export to other Adobe software such as After Effects or Premier.

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Lightroom 2 Released

According to Lightroom Killer Tips (Click) Lightroom 2 has been released and is officially shipping at $299USD. For those not familiar with the new version here are a few bits in the new version

Dodging/Burning, Multi monitor supoprt, improved catalogue and keywording, better photoshop integration and more

Sounds promising! Can’t wait to get my hands on it as I decided not to touch the beta as Adobe warned of capability issues which could possibly occur when the official version was released. But just something which I don’t understand that a few people have brought to my attention since posting is the price difference between the USA and Australia. If I was to purchase LR2 in the US it would cost $299 whilst if to purchase in Australia $539.. Strange