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SEO Tips for Photographers

I’m by no means an expert at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and if anything, still very much an amateur. But nevertheless I find SEO an interesting topic and have benefited from optimising my content over the years to develop a consistent stream and rise of traffic to my blog.

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Just a few links of things which have caught my attention this week

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A photograph of mine was awarded a daily deviation on deviant-art which made my day.

I love yoyo’s but it’s amazing how expensive they get

Neutral Density Magazine which features work and interviews by talented photographers Andy Mumford, Xavier Rey, Michel Rajkovic and more

Square Frog the bible for any Holga users and really makes me want to get some medium format film to put through mine

Smashing Magazine has recently shared 50 amazing tilt-shift photographs. I really want a tilt-shift lens but they’re so expensive.

Having recently just purchased an iphone and being particularly fussy about getting it scratched, enter the invisible shield by Zagg. Not sold? Check out this and also this