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Guide to Daytime Long Exposures

A small buying guide and photography tips to assist you in making the right purchases to photograph daytime long exposures. Using strong neutral density filters will allow you to shoot 1-5 minute exposures during the day depending on the conditions. If you’re bored with photography, neutral density filters are a great way to rejuvenate your hobby and get passionate again.

Camera with graduated neutral density filters
My day time long exposure setup consisting of a Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 17-40, B+W 110 and a Cokin Z-Pro Neutral Graduated FIlters

It can be rewarding but also sometimes challenging as you’re forced to look at a scene from the perspective of how a long exposure will transform it. This guide should help guide you on what equipment you will need if you want to shoot daylight long exposure photography and a few photography tips on how to calculate the long exposure shutter speed.

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Day time long exposure


Recently I’ve picked up a B+W ND 110 filter which is lots of fun, a little costly but knocks out 10 stops! Having the ability to do some ridiculously long exposures when it’s relatively light creates lots of new opportunities. As I’m a sucker for long exposures this has always limited me to shooting when the light is quite diffused (around sunset or sunrise). Now that I own the B+W 110, this will allow me to shoot daylight long exposures.

This was shot on a cold afternoon at South Arm with a 2 minute exposure at f.20