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Morning Light at Taroona, Tasmania


Woke up randomly this morning and procrastinated whether to brave the cold and take a drive somewhere for a few seascape sunrise shots. I ended up getting out of bed after a struggle and fired a few at Taroona. This was around 3 and a half minutes at F.13 made possible with the trusty B+W 110 nd filter. In the past when shooting Taroona or any waterscape on sunrise for that matter, I’ve really struggled to get long exposures once the sun has risen so it was quite fun to have the opportunity to still obtain long exposures even though the scene was bright.

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Tasmanian Photography Locations

I’m often asked by photographers on where is best to photograph in Tasmania. This is a small list of photographic locations that I’d recommend checking out while in Tasmania. I’m aware that there is many locations missing from this list but that’s because I’m yet to photograph them so will update the list accordingly. Also most of these locations should suit most people as they’re quite accessible and usually only a small walk. There’s also much to do off the beaten track in Tasmania which I will hopefully get to one day.  If you have any questions be sure to drop an email and I’d be happy to help.

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