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Tasmanian Photography Locations

I’m often asked by photographers on where is best to photograph in Tasmania. This is a small list of photographic locations that I’d recommend checking out while in Tasmania. I’m aware that there is many locations missing from this list but that’s because I’m yet to photograph them so will update the list accordingly. Also most of these locations should suit most people as they’re quite accessible and usually only a small walk. There’s also much to do off the beaten track in Tasmania which I will hopefully get to one day.  If you have any questions be sure to drop an email and I’d be happy to help.

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Quiet Stream – Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

F.13 / 20 seconds

I’ve been meaning to submit this one for some time since I photographed it in July but kept forgetting. This was captured at Cradle Mountain National Park on a short walk to a much larger fall. We arrived late afternoon at around 3pm so it was already starting to get quite dark being the middle of winter which was a real shame, this place was stunning and I probably could of spent hours here just messing around getting my feet wet but were rushed a little.

Photographed with a Canon 350D, Canon 24-70, Tripod

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Cradle Mountain Stream

Another from Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. Those familiar of the national park may recognise the bridge as you enter the park and pass a waterfall. This is up a little looking back at the bridge behind the waterfall. I was almost tempted to fiddle with black and white for this image as the sky really is quite dull but I’m attracted to the tones and texture of the foreground rock which would otherwise not be appreciated under a black and white conversion.

Udi at recently mentioned my work on his popular blog which I greatly appreciate 🙂 It’s definately a big thing for me knowing my work is appreciated by others and is something that inspires me to continue shooting. Click here to view the article discussing why as a photographer we should use manual focus

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Quiet Fall, Cradle Mountain

This was taken on the walk into Pencil Pine Falls, Cradle Mountain. The weather for Dove Lake was terrible with it being completely overcast with no contrast what so ever in the clouds which wasn’t all bad for other styles of shooting. The conditions as we walked into Pencil Pine Falls were quite dark (2-3pm) however the light was so soft and perfect for what we were soon to shoot. We spent hours just taking our time but I really need to get some gumboots or something so I can get more in the action but they would look a little gimpy haha.

Phase One P65 has been previewed at Luminous-Landscape which sounds amazing.. 60MP and incredible handling of noise at super long exposures but let’s not discuss the price tag. Click here to view the preview article