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Calculate sunset direction and its time through this tool..

I just came across this tool developed by Stephen Trainor which allows you to key in your location and be provided with sun and moon rise times but also what direction they will rise based on your location (click). I’ve seen similar things done in the past but find this much better and think its a must for any landscape photographer. I believe the program is for both mac and windows so enjoy.

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Tasmanian Photography Locations

I’m often asked by photographers on where is best to photograph in Tasmania. This is a small list of photographic locations that I’d recommend checking out while in Tasmania. I’m aware that there is many locations missing from this list but that’s because I’m yet to photograph them so will update the list accordingly. Also most of these locations should suit most people as they’re quite accessible and usually only a small walk. There’s also much to do off the beaten track in Tasmania which I will hopefully get to one day.  If you have any questions be sure to drop an email and I’d be happy to help.

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Tasmania Seascape


I really like the texture of the water in this one if I do say so myself haha. I’ve been eager to shoot around the point at Park Beach which would involve hopping over rocks during the break from waves coming in. Unfortunately I didn’t really take note that there was going to be a swing in tide which made things very wet when trying to leave haha.

Processed in lightroom which is interesting as some people believe it degrades from the quality/sharpness if you make too many adjustments? Is there any substance in this?


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Ralphs Bay, Lauderdale

Lauderdale is a beautiful little place, I pass through it often as I make my way to a favourite local  South Arm  (1, 2, 3, 4). This shot was captured on the side of the road on sunset of Ralphs Bay, the location of a proposed canal estate which isn’t so cool (more on that here). As usual, shot with a Canon 350D, Canon 10-22 and Cokin nd grads.

What are your thoughts on a horizontal scrolling front gallery page? Yay or nay? I’m a little bored of the current flash front.

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Quiet Stream – Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

F.13 / 20 seconds

I’ve been meaning to submit this one for some time since I photographed it in July but kept forgetting. This was captured at Cradle Mountain National Park on a short walk to a much larger fall. We arrived late afternoon at around 3pm so it was already starting to get quite dark being the middle of winter which was a real shame, this place was stunning and I probably could of spent hours here just messing around getting my feet wet but were rushed a little.

Photographed with a Canon 350D, Canon 24-70, Tripod